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    Whether you’re a casual fisher or a more seasoned professional, you might have already heard of fish finders. More so of their benefits. Perhaps you might even want to have a crack at them. But if you’re a first-timer to these devices, you might be wondering what factors to consider when making a purchase. Well, have no fear, we’ve got you covered with these 5 tips:


    1. Understand how it works


    The worst way to make a purchase is to buy something without understanding what it does, usually ending in frustration and wasted money. The same thing goes when looking at the best fish finders in the market – as helpful as it can be, without knowing what it does you might just be burning a hole in your pocket. According to West Marine, fish finder technology works by “allowing anglers to see a graphic representation of what is beneath their boats” so they can see which places they can best identify fish. They do this using sonar technology, while some of the best fish finders on the market can offer dual and down imaging, as well as GPS. Reading up further on each of these attributes can give you a better idea of what works for you.


    2. Know what type of fisher you are


    Another thing to consider is what type of fisher you are, or if you’re just learning how to catch fish, what type of fishing hole you’re going to. The best fish finder (http://11must.com/best-fish-finder/) for you is something that matches your style of fishing. Canadian Tire provides suggestions of what kind of device to get, whether you’re a weekend warrior, frequent fisher, or avid angler.


    3. Know what you need


    Once you understand how a fish finder works and what kind of fisher you are, you might already have an idea of what to get, more or less. For instance, if you’re an avid angler who lives for the thrill of the catch, perhaps you might want to get a chartplotter (for medium-sized boats) or a networked system. West Marine delineates the types quite well in their website.


    4. Know what you can do without


    Conversely, you'll also want to know what you can do without, in order to prevent extra expenses. If you're more of a leisurely fisher, or someone who just learned how to catch fish, best to get a standalone device.


    5. Look into the best fish finders on the market


    Once you're geared with this information, you can now compare shop among the best of the best. Look for the ones with the features you need, read reviews, try some out for yourself. Who knows? You might just find the right one.

  • how to catch a fish by using fish finder

    Here in this video you will learn how to use fish finder for fishing.

  • FAQ

    Here are the questions and their answers about fish finder that have been asked me by my site visitors. if you have any question, you can always ask me via email me

    Are portable fish finders better than fixed ones?

    In terms of cost and mobility, perhaps. Though as Bass Resource notes, they can be inconsistent due to the movement, and may need to be pulled up above trolling speed, unless you’d want to lose it.

    How important is GPS in a fish finder?

    Very important. This is especially important if you need to find a route back, and it gives you the ability to map out where you are, making it easier to track your fishing hotspots.

    Is simpler better?

    It depends. While you don’t necessarily need everything, make sure you don’t scrimp on the important features, even if it costs a bit more money.

    Are all sonars made equal?

    No. Some sonars can reach deep, while others not so. There’s also a difference between down scans and side scans, as Bass Resource notes. It’s up to you to see which fits your fishing needs.

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